Excellence through knowledge

In the age of data, our mission is to bring real-time market insights to decision makers everywhere, data-driven and powered by AI.

Excellence through knowledge

The Power of Data

Understanding that knowledge is necessary to enable true positive change, we committed to release a periodic analysis of core segments of the global workforce, to allow decision makers everywhere to base their decisions on real data-driven market insights.

Our next white paper

AI specialist analysis

The latest market insights regarding one of the most sought-after professional segments in the market.​

Following the release of ChatGPT in late 2022, the AI sector has seen unprecedented growth, as businesses and governments rushed to hire professionals in this field, attracting talents from all countries and backgrounds.​ SkillSherpa explored this subject by analyzing over 1.000.000 AI specialists in Europe, to understand their skillsets and behavior in an increasingly AI dominated workforce.


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